Sunday Mornings


Sunday Mornings


We offer imaginative and inspiring Sunday morning Bible studies for student in grades 6th-12th. Each grade is discipled by devoted staff and volunteer teachers who are dedicated to the spiritual development of each student. Sunday morning meetings run 9:45-10:45 am and typically include fun activities, engaging lessons, and a delicious doughnut breakfast.


  • 6th Grade // Room 365 // Charlie Fiveash & Carle Felton
    Get started in Student Ministries with this engaging, high energy program which follows the life, ministry and prophesy related to Jesus Christ. Students will also be invited to lean about Jesus's teaches and well as discuss what makes our faith different from other world religions.


  • 7th Grade // Room 362 // Herbert Short, Todd McGarrity, Robbie Jackson, Kena Hawkins, and Elisabeth Lyon
    Confirmation is a yearlong commitment including a spring retreat for students seeking to confirm their baptism and join the United Methodist Church. In this class, students learn the traditions and heritage of the church found in the Apostle's Creed, giving our class the theme IBAC or “I believe in the Apostle's Creed.” Please see News and Events Page for more information and to register.

  • 8th Grade // Room 300 // Sam Cruce & Caroline Smith, Dig deep into the faith with this class that focusing on the themes of Christian belief including salvation, grace, and discipleship. This class will help students continue the journey of towards spiritual maturity and real, loving community.


  • 9th -12th Grade // Room 308 // Rand Eberhard, Morgan Cox, Rev. Wade Reck, Brighton Coleman, Philip Coleman, Rosie Kelly, David Smith, Chloe Kelly, Plug into a welcoming and faith-forming community with our high school discipleship community. All students meet to hangout, play pool, and eat doughnuts before one of our thoughtful teachers shares a talk with the whole group. Then students break into small groups along the student ministry hallways with one of our young adults in order to build relationships in a more intimate setting. This program is an amazing way for your student to really feel valued as a member of Christ's church.



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